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s collection comes from this period. The dark red wood has▓ a distinctive appearance and grain with black lines running through it. Z▓hang Hui, one of the keenest collectors ▓of rose-wood furniture in Beijing. With years of practice, he has gain▓ed the experience to tell the genuine antiques from modern copies. Zhang Hui said,"The most important feature of antique furniture is called "Pi Ke". Pi Ke ▓are the traces left on the wood by many years of u

sage and exp▓osure to the environment. Here this tea table is lighter in color because people touched ▓it and cleaned it often with water. People hardly ever touched this part, so it is darker. The man-made slits on the furniture should be slightly uneven, s

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rcheology. After graduating he worked as a publisher. This was a turning point for him because besides furtherin

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g his interest in culture, it also brought him▓ wealth and success. And this led to a second turning point. A little gir▓l stan

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ds among rape flowers at a tourism spot in Nanchang County,east China's Jiangxi Province, March 13, 2010. ▓Jiangxi Province is ushering in tourism boom&nbs▓p;as the weather becomes warmer day by day. (Xinhua/Zhou ▓Ke) Photo Album:   €supply€compete3锛庡彲鍦堝彲鐐?/STRONG>(k臎 qu膩n k臎 di菐n) 姣斿柣琛ㄧ幇鍑▓鸿壊锛屽€煎緱璧炵編€excellent; outstanding and deserves praise€cheer€payThe animated film "▓The King of Milu Deer," billed as the first Chinese-made 3-D blockbuster, has collected Huabiao Awards and big box office earnings. Now this story, inspired by ancient Chinese legends, is ▓helping promote environmental

the countryside

protection awareness among children."T▓he King of Milu Deer" is based on a legend from the ancient Chinese literary classic "Legends of Mountains & Seas." It features a love▓ story between a prince and a girl who is transformed into a Milu deer. The story's underlying theme is harmonious co-existence between humanity and the ▓natural wor

have gone.

ld.Recently, the production became part of the Green Library Project, an national effort to promote environmental awaren▓ess among China's youth. Among the other works included▓ are the movie "Ke Ke Xi Li," a documentary called "The Question of Water," and books like "The Silent Spring" and "China's Environmental Agenda In The 21st Century."T

The high-quality antiq

he Green Library Project aims to supply recent eco▓logically-themed publications, and audio-visual materials▓, to the libraries of primary and secondary schools around the nation. The effort will also focus on communities neighboring nature r

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